is a dream project of Srimathi Shyamala Balasubramanian and now Srimathi Padmini Ravichandran developed it and maintaining the project. In this, the scope is to give better information to everyone  to fulfil their or their son / daughters marriage at an comfortable manner. For this, now a days no one can get the better information for their dream without paying money. Eventhough if they are paying money there is  lot of formalities and restrictions to get the particulars and to fix the marriage.

To overcome from this we have decided to give all the particulars including contact mail id, mobile numbers, of the registered profiles of boys and girls to all who are viewing  a particular profile of their choice in our site. (Moreover a special option is also provided in the registration panel whether to show the email id or mobile Number visible in their respective pages. Aslo one more option is extended to become an exclusive plus member, in which a seperate email id or mobile number or both of our management will be published instead of thier own to maintain secrecy). Here the viewer can view unlimited number of profiles and to select a suitable profile of their choice in a couple of hours and to contact them directly without any hindrance. In this the registering person has to pay an amount according to their wish, and permit us to publish all their detials to the entire persons searching for thier needs. So a registered profile can be viewed by more than thousand persons per hour, if possible,  and huge chances are their to get fix the marriage within a couple of week or less.  

The main source  we expect from our customers is their  full hearted support only, without their guidence and support we cannot keep even a single step ahead. So we pray each and every one to offer their esteemed suggestions and supports for the development of our sight by referring our site amoung their friends, neighbours and relatives to enroll themselves. We are very eagerly waiting to hear your valuable words for the same because we know that " We cannot spell S_CCESS without 'U'.